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Yokwe! Bula! Talofa! Kona Mauri!

Welcome to the Blue Paradise

The Marshall Islands, mere flecks on the vast Pacific Ocean, conjure up flashes of memory for many people. Kwajalein, Enewetak, Bikini. These tiny atolls with musical names, sites of World War II history and post-war controversy, now available to visit and explore courtesy of AIRMarshall Islands.

In 1980, when the Airline of the Marshall Islands was launched, two small Nomad aircraft provided travel to just a few inter-island destinations. The arrival of the larger HS-748 aircraft allowed growth to our southern neighbors, Kiribati, Tuvalu and Fiji. In 1990, we adopted our new name and identity.

Today our two Dornier 228 and our 34-seat Dash-8 aircraft provide regular weekly services to many of the Republic's atolls and islands.

Jewels Of The Sea

When nature scattered a thousand shimmering little islands across the mid-Pacific, they floated like a string of pearls on an emerald sea, forming a chain of 29 perfect atolls, 5 low-lying islands and 879 coral reefs.

This sparkling domain is home to 45,000 Marshallese who live the simple life, in many ways unchanged for centuries. The first Marshallese sailed here over 1,000 years ago, in what must have been an incredible feat of navigation. The Marshallese are deserving of their unique abilities in this regard: the stick-chart, a simple yet incredibly complex device used as a means of navigation, is just one remarkable example of their skill.

The `Ratak' or Sunrise chain of atolls lying to the east, contrasting the `Ralik' or Sunset chain in the west, a beautiful and appropriate naming convention. In this tropical paradise, both the sunsets and sunrises are some of the most spectacular anywhere.


Blue Magic

Surrounded by water, encircled by reefs, the Marshalls promise and deliver unsurpassed underwater thrills. Turquoise waters, 100 feet visibility, spectacular canyons, thriving marine life are to be found in a unique underwater world.

From diving adventures to a lazy day's fishing on many of the charter boats, the Marshalls has something for everybody.

The twinkling lagoons beckon swimmers, sail boards and water-skiing, or just a stroll at low tide to discover exotic shells and playful sea life.

The Marshalls have a magic all their own!

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